Streaming Pexip Infinity Meetings to Facebook


Last Updated on April 4, 2017 by GrahamWalsh

In addition to streaming to YouTube and Periscope, one can set up a Pexip Virtual Meeting Room to stream outbound to Facebook. This article will outline the necessary steps.

(1) Create a Facebook page for the stream (instructions). Any existing page can be used for this same process.

(2) Log into that page; navigate to Publishing > Videos > Video Library. Click the “+Live” button in the top right hand corner to initiate a new live stream.

Facebook Video Library

(3) Copy the “Server or Stream URL” link provided. It should look something similar to: [pre]rtmp://[/pre]

(4) Log into your VMR and dial out using the single host RMTP link copied above.


(5) A few seconds after the stream has connected, you will see the stream preview go active. Verify audio and video are coming through without an issue.

Facebook Streaming Preview

(6) Click the “Go Live” button. You are now streaming live on Facebook!

Facebook Live Stream

Anyone who is watching your page can now see the stream live.

Cool, huh? Enjoy!

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