Streaming Pexip Infinity Meetings to Periscope

Thanks to Darrel “as a Service” Webster for pointing this out to me via Twitter.  He discovered that Periscope on the desktop/browser enabled you to produce from there too, generating a RTMP steam.  Pexip Infinity already supports this as have had customers do broadcasts to YouTube and Facebook.  Adding Periscope was simple.  See below for the step by step guide.

Step One – Sign into Periscope

Once you have signed in with your Twitter details, you can then navigate to the top right and select Producer.













Step Two – Generate a Stream

Then click on Create New Source and you will be presented with a unique URL.














Step Three – Join your Pexip Virtual Meeting Room/Auditorium

















Step Four – Add the RTMP Stream Details

















Step Five – Start Broadcasting on Periscope once you see your Preview





To see the live stream once it has finished, you can view with the URL –


Again, thanks to Darrel for this | |

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  • You’re welcome Graham. I find Pexip incredibly powerful that it can broadcast to multiple live stream platforms.
    We have been hosting our RE:Office 365 Live streams using Pexip, streaming to both our YouTube Live channel and our Facebook page. Your New Zealand partner FaceToFace Communications has kindly let us use a meeting room in their demo environment. I can start a meeting in Pexip, and invite guests into present with us using the Skype4B they already use. No need to ask them to download “yet another online meeting client.” Video and audio quality have been awesome, aside from the occasional bandwidth restrictions from where the presenter is broadcasting from (hotel, home VDSL etc.) Not a Pexip issue.
    Active speaker switching works really well, as does displaying the other guest’s video. All of this streaming to YouTube Live and Facebook Live.
    Now with Periscope and Pexip, we can broadcast to the passing Twitter audience and grow our following.
    Thanks for creating this post to outline the steps so others can enjoy the Periscope / Pexip integration.

    • No worries, glad you found it, just only found the time now to blog about it. What is also interesting Facebook has opened up streaming to personal accounts (rather than just Pages this week) so another blog post coming up 🙂