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Episode Fourteen – 12th May 2021 – 2pm UK/9am EST

We’ve been invited to run the MTRAMA during a table talks session at Teams Nation. Thanks to all that added the session this month and thanks for Teams Nation for inviting us.

Questions from Episode Fourteen

So, the chat has disappeared from my Chat in Teams. Thanks Microsoft.

Episode Thirteen – 19th April 2021 – 5pm UK/12pm EST

No need to register, you can add the event to your diary here or click here to join the meeting.

Another jam-packed session, so thanks to everyone for joining us.

Questions from Episode Thirteen

Q. Are TAC features already rolled out to all tenants ww? Didn’t see the alerting yet…
A. I’ve not seen it three of my different global tenants yet. Don’t know when it’s due. The documentation is ready!!

Q. Speaking of TAC. With the release of MTR on GCCH with the latest version of MTR, will TAC have a devices section in GCCH as well? Or is that upcoming?
A. We’ve been led to believe devices will be in GCCH TAC, no clue when though.

Q. Where can I find the replay of the EPOS Webinar on Intelligent Speakers?
A. Here is the recording – click me

Q. Does this latest build include a fix for the beaconing / proximity join or is that purely a desktop client issue? If so, any ETA for that?
A. That is a desktop client issue. I haven’t heard of an ETA, but I hope it’s soon.

Q. Do we assign standard teams user license to MTR resource accounts? instead of MTR standard licenses?
A. You should use Meeting Room licenses if the device is a shared device

Q. Seems like a packed agenda… but one thing I would like to ask… Cortana on Teams Rooms. In the start you could enable it on the system. as i remember you will need to create a xml file now… can anyone point me in the right direction
A. You can enable/disable Cortana via the TAC. Just remember it is still preview, so only US English and Rally Mics.

Q. What is the link for the Teams Room Labs?
A. Here is the PowerShell lab –

Q. Can I use Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD) for MTRs?
A. Rob said… I’ve had good results (100 device deployment) with deployment via Intune using WICD. When I get the time, I plan to blog building out the WICD method

Q. Can you share the video of Cloudway’s deployment of 1,500 MTRs?
A. Here is the video link

Q. Microsoft Teams Network Planning link?
A. Here is a video overview

Q. Stale Hansen – was ExpressRoute implemented for this rollout, if so would you talk about the lessons learned?
A. It is not advised to ExpressRoute with Teams Meetings, much better to use direct Internet connections

Q. Ståle Hansen – by the way, Microsoft doesn’t support upgrade process of stopping the automatic updates. We are doing the same and had this comment from a MS Engineer.
A. That is correct, not officially supported, but for a large deployment it had to restricted. This is a feature of Microsoft Teams Room Premium where they have a Ring feature.

Q. Does the upgrade process on the Android MTR device work similar to IP Phones where we see the vendor update on TAC and push it from our manual process on TAC?
A. Yes that is correct, you can manually push the update from TAC.

Q. How are MTRoA updates applied to the devices?
A. For example, if you had 1.0 installed and 1.1 was released. It is not automatically pushed down to the devices. When 1.2 is released, 1.1 will be pushed down. To update manually, you can do this via TAC.

Q. With the latest MTRoA update, do the devices support BYOD/Device Pass Through?
A1. No, this is vendor specific, and they are waiting for HDMI Ingest which should be released in April/May
A2. Yealink will have a box to do content ingest/BYO on A20/A30

Q. Since the update on the latest MRToA, I’ve lost the camera control/framing from the Poly. How do I get this back?
A. This is vendor specific. Someone mentioned it is there for Yealink and for Poly, you need to swipe out from the of the touch panel.

Q. Some comments on Shure P300
A. 100% concur on Shure. We just put the P300 and MXA910s into two large rooms. Looked at Biamp as well but while we worked with an integrator to install everything, the Shure stood out because we could also support it ourselves. Also, Dante works on any switch whereas Biamp prefers AVB which requires specific switches – I found that annoying. Shure is priced like Creston: NOT cheap. But I the flexibility, support and longevity of the components I believe will serve us well. Another thing that set Shure apart that we made use of was the MXA MUTE button. We wanted ceiling mics but didn’t want to lose the ability for users to mute the room. A combo of MXA MUTE and an additional Crestron 70-series touch panel worked very nicely.

Board Room with Shure Ceiling Mics – 6 Zones
Here’s one of our rooms with Crestron CX100 and Shure gear. The Shure mute buttons are the tiny green buttons. There is another Crestron display at the front of the room

Q. With the new layout options for MTR, do the two display solutions still have a future or is it all going to one big screen with dynamic content and video side by side?
A. Yes, there is a great future for dual displays 🙂

Episode Twelve – 17th March 2021 – 12:30pm EST/4:30m UK

Another great session this month. Thanks for everyone joining and contribution.

Questions during Episode Twelve

Q. Is there a link to Jared’s hybrid workplace video?
A. View it here on YouTube.

Q. Are there any other sessions worth viewing?
A. Yes, Deliver Equitable, Enriching Experience across the hybrid workplace with Microsoft Teams Devices – see here.

Q. What “the layouts are web-services” mean? Is the whole picture rendered cloud-side or what?
A. Large Gallery modes are done in the cloud. Together mode is a single stream for all users, which is why it includes everyone.

Q. Anyone have good use cases for Together Mode?
A. Together mode and content camera are killers for Education!

Q. What about running a PowerPoint from the MTR in Teams mode… it was possible in Skype, when uploaded in skype server. How would it be possible with Teams default?
A. This is not possible today. What used to happen, the PPT was uploaded to the Office Online Server (OOS or previously known as the WAC server) and that rendered the PPT. Maybe we might see this feature in the future again. It does however work on the new Crestron Microsoft Teams phones, full control of the PPT.

Q. Anyone using the new Intelligent Speaker?
A. Some are testing, works very well and very quick at transcriptions. Also, it was announced at Ignite that the Surface Hub 2S will be certified as an intelligent speaker.

Q. Are these devices for transcription only, or can it be used as a command prompt?
A. The speakers are used for transcriptions and Cortana.

Q. Intune MDM security baselines – are they supported on MTRs? Windows MDM security baseline settings for Intune or Microsoft Defender for Endpoint baseline settings for Intune or Microsoft Edge baseline settings for Intune?
A. Security baselines are not supported for MTR as they can do things like enforce MTA on all accounts. Microsoft is working on better Intune guidance than what is currently out there, but it will take a few months to get published.

Q. How do the Intelligent Speakers connect to MTR, just via USB? Do these work alongside meeting room audio hardware, or do they become the MTR’s speakerphone as well?
A. You connect the Speaker to the MTR via USB. EPOS have their setup guide here. The Speakers also require local power.

Q. “Pair each panel with an existing MTR license” – what does this look like on back end?
A. Each scheduling panel signs in with the same credentials as the MTR.

Q. Do these panels provide the ability to touch into a meeting like room wizards? i.e. No one touches in and the room free’s up after x minutes?
A. This is planned for a future release when paired say with the Crestron POE Occupancy sensor.

Q. When will it be possible to view the conditions of the room via the Panel for ad hoc scenarios? Like what equipment is available in what room via the floor plan and what kind of setting classrooms, meeting rooms, training room etc.
A. Floor Plan data will be available in a future release of the Teams panel software. It relies on Bing search.

Q. What is the average cost of this device?
A. Yealink list price is 600 euro with the room sensor included (I guess that means the light bar?). Crestron has a promotional pricing here.

Q. If there are two devices inside meeting room MTR and Hub 2s do they work using one Meeting Room License? How will the panel sync to these two devices inside the room?
A. They will share the meeting room license.

Q. What are Web Hooks?
A1. Webhook enables you to send a direct message into a Teams channel, if webhooks are enabled in there
A2. We have webhooks firing an email alert instead of Teams alert
A3. I use it to let me know my current public IP 🙂

Q. Any idea how soon we’ll hear more details on the IP peripheral support (vs USB) slated for March release and how that’ll work?
A. No idea on this I’m afraid. It was scheduled for a March release, but I don’t think we’ll see that. Microsoft are due to update the public roadmap which is here.

Q. We are using Skype On-Prem Hybrid and Teams. Currently to support both meetings single click join on a device we deploy MTRoW devices (TAPs). Does/Will the MTRoA devices support Skype On-Prem single click join?
A. No, MTRoA will not be able to join SfB Server meetings and there are no plans to add support. This is due to the MTRoA using the Android Microsoft Teams App.

Q. Also, should all tenants now have functional auto-answer? (Haven’t gotten ours to work yet) And when working will it auto-join a scheduled meeting on its calendar? Or does it need to be actively ‘called’ for it to answer?
A1. Not sure if Auto Answer is coming to MTRoW. It has been mentioned for MTRoA dur to the nature that it can be used in Personal Mode.
A2. I think Auto Answer is now rolling out so you may not have it in your tenant yet. In my testing, it will only Auto Answer when called and not “Auto-Join” on it’s own. And right now, I also think it’s Android-only.

Q. Any clues, hints, rumours, teasers on the release of the Android update for HDMI ingest, etc? Lots of UK customers on tenterhooks for this!
A. No idea I’m afraid. It was meant to March according to the public roadmap, at a guess, April timeframe now.

Q. Quick question: what is the boot time of your MTR? Our is like 4 to 5 minutes. Do you consider it as standard?
A. Lenovo Hub 500: 1min 30 seconds | Crestron Flex: 2 min
A. GW – I tested this with my Crestron Flex Gen One (Intel Skull) and it was 1 minute 30 seconds (TAP Build). Crestron Flex Gen Two was 1 minute 10 seconds (GA Build)

Q. As Microsoft are providing all the resources to install the “MTR part” on a windows PC, are we supported if we install it on our master?
A1. Yes….ish. Yes, we (Microsoft) will take your call on MTR issues and help you. However, why are you doing this? The MTR image is a known-good, working, and secure image. We strongly discourage both adding additional software and building your own image. In our experiences, organizations that build their own images have more support issues than those that don’t. All that said, there is a Docs article discussing how to do this
A2. No, don’t do it. Just because you can, does it mean you should? Treat the MTR like an appliance. It’s not a desktop/laptop build. You don’t create your own iOS or Android builds for your devices with Microsoft Teams clients, don’t do it for the meeting room too. No need to.
A3. Did security send that message by Fax? 🙂

Q, Roadmap: “Microsoft Teams: IP Based audio/video support for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows” …means WHAT?
A. This means devices will connect over IP to the MTRoW, so things like Dante Audio and some newer cameras are IP based.

Q. Would the teams panel be a good vehicle to auto join a MTR meeting, if the feature is added there? That way only scheduled meetings get joined not all…
A1. Quite possibly, I’ve heard this requested a few times before.
A2. True is would be better done on the back end/cloud. Only auto joining accepted meetings would be better accepted by IT vs all calls get auto answered
A3. You could also use Coordinated Meetings to auto dial out.

Q. Appreciate current catch upcoming but will MTRoA always lag behind MTRoW?
A. There will always be a slight difference in the release scheduled. The desktop app is like the MTRoW app, so that could get the features first. On the other hand, MTRoA will have unique features such as Personal Mode which will never come to MTRoW.

Q. Can someone paste the link to the new Teams room website please?
A. Here’s the new Microsoft Teams Devices site.

Episode Eleven – 23rd Feb 2021 – 12pm EST/5pm UK

A little short on news this month due to Microsoft Ignite around the corner. March’s show will feature a full recap of the announcements.

Questions during Episode Eleven

Q. Getting ready to roll out several Crestron MTRs. Azure AD joined. Is there any documentation for adding/creating an admin group for these devices?
A. Best guide is here on domain joining considerations. Also a comment in the chat of
Likewise with Chris, this has been frustrating. Its reasonably simple to setup AAD users as local admin users on MTR in Intune, but it looks like you need a newer version of Windows than 1909 to support adding AAD groups to local device administrators?

Q. Is there some training available on MTRs?
A. Yes there are several resources –, and

Q. Why is the Poly Bar already working with android and Logitech says that Teams on Android is not available yet?
A. Logitech are waiting to launch with the next gen Android client.

Q. When can we expect coordinated meeting join for MTR on Android?
A. Not sure, keep checking the public roadmap –

Q. Will the Crestron Mercury Mini also be available with an X version? BYOD?
A. Yes, the MMX30 is available now – see here.

Q. With the A30 – Is the HDMI ingest on the remote or the bar?
A. MTRoA does not support HDMI ingest as yet. It is on the roadmap.

Q. What features are in the A30?
A. The A30 is a medium room solution. It will support speaker tracking and group framing picture in picture like the Poly EagleEye Director 2.

Q. What are the good sessions coming up at Microsoft Ignite?
A. This is the main keynote for Microsoft 365 and this is the main devices session.

Q. Using OBS with Teams desktop client, anyone have any tips/tricks?
A1. 🐱‍💻 Top 5 Video Camera Hacks in Microsoft Teams – YouTube
A2. Take you Microsoft Teams meetings to the next level (OBS, Streamdeck and more) – YouTube

Q. MTR with Live events?
A. Alexander provided an update that he tested. “Live events and MTR. The together mode, large gallery, new gallery UI and live reactions are working in the latest update🙂

Q. Any info on the 10″ Crestron personal communication device you posted with camera on twitter?
A. The forthcoming UC-P8-C and UC-P10-C will be launched shortly. Check out a video here in the Ignite Demo center.

Q. On the theme of replacing Tech Community articles with full docs: Is Microsoft going to document powering on displays in rooms? Many rooms are upgrades, some don’t have commercial displays, and many MTR compute devices don’t support CEC. We have upgraded a bunch of rooms and have a TV remote left in the rooms, which I despise. Talking with our vendors, are going to be ordering Altona AT-DISP-CTRL units to these rooms (comparable to Extron HD CTL 100 but supports PoE and a bit cheaper) so that when the touch panel wakes up, the displays will come on without user intervention.
A1. Every vender has a different interpretation of CEC control, so difficult to mandate/specify. Jimmy wrote a good article here.
A2. Even with the Yealink MVC500 II I have on order that has CEC, I’m not planning to trust just that. We will use “Power on signal” functionality on the Sony commercial displays alongside it.
A3. Our customer purchased 20 consumer grade displays and having a huge issue with the CEC control.
A4. Look at theseoptions: Display Controller – Atlona® AV Solutions – Commercial & Residential and HD CTL 100 – Control Systems | Extron. Both can do CEC, RS-232 and even IR to control. Also have “EDID Minder” functionality to keep signalling happy (another issue we have faced with one older consumer display).
A5. if you’re dealing with CEC issues on Samsung, they normally come down to base firmware challenges. Those displays are usually 3 tiers – Micom, Submicom, and application FW. I’ve had to get base updates from Samsung to get CEC working

Q. Skype for Business sign in Failures, why does this happen when I’m just using Microsoft Teams?
A1. Even in Teams only use cases, please do not disable the SfB account in the Teams Admin Center. There is still some back-end functionality that requires SfB components. Also ensure the UPN, Email and SIP address are all set and match exactly.
A2. On my MTR’s we found the UPN attribute for SFBO was not there. I believe this is attributed to the length of the account name with truncation. Not sure yet on that, still working out the root cause. In our case we did a migration from SFB on prem to SFBO and the on-prem attributes for UPN didn’t exist. However, some accounts worked, some didn’t. Those that didn’t had long account names. Still looking at this.
A3. I also have a dual forest domain in hybrid. So, my situation may be quite different here. I had to verify matched passwords for my SFB account that matched my Teams AAD account. Also, SIP URI and UPN need to match.

Q. Other MTR mailbox issues seen by Joel
A. We had some DNS issues with our first MTRs, but also ran into a strange issue where EWS was disabled on our conference room accounts preventing calendar access to Exchange Online. Likely a tenant specific issue, but wanted to share. set-casmailbox -identity ROOMNAME -EwsEnabled $True

Q. With Teams MTR Premium, is there a schedule for how quickly all the updates to a new Windows MTR device should take? If we’re deploying 80 devices, should we let them update in their own time via MTR Premium or should we try and “front load” updates with a script where we can? Thoughts?
A1. Let MTRP manage them in the designated Rings. It’s an excellent feature included in that service.
A2. Just leave them alone. The auto-update built into MTR will get them up to speed. Save your efforts.

Q. Is there any good in-depth resource/hub for MTRs in the education or specifically higher ed vertical? It seems potentially a large opportunity for MS, which Zoom is ahead on. We currently are doing ‘USB rooms’ with USB FoR and rear cams, Shure Mics/USB DSP, etc, but it is a manual/many-click process for the instructor to turn ‘the room on’ (join the Teams/BlackBoard/Zoom meeting) compared to our previous hard codec Poly/Renova solutions. MTR one-touch or this new auto-answer seem great, just not finding as targeted of resources as provided by Zoom. Zoom example:
A. Microsoft is working on some simplified MTR designs for certain scenarios. I don’t think EDU is specifically targeted but room size/features is.

Q. Any update on Teams Casting?
A. Still in TAP testing.

Q. Also, just to touch on something Graham mentioned at the end which has gotten me thinking. It would make sense me for to bring home a spare Lenovo MTR as a lot has changed over the last 12 months and I’ve little doubt there will be more changes before we return to the offices, which I’d like to spend more time testing. Anything to be aware of setting it up at home, I’m thinking fully configure in office and take home? (all our devices currently running as Teams default, domain joined)
A1. Remove it from the domain 🙂 Otherwise, drag it home and it will work fine. Oh – make sure you have enough power outlets for everything. I have no idea how I have not yet tripped a breaker.
A2. And be sure to have space. I had to buy a second desk in my office to support a 2x monitor configuration. Or purchase small, portable monitors. I have a touch-enabled portable monitor and it works fantastically for MTRA. I have something like this.
A3. Russ has 2 HDMI switchers for dual monitors (to support 2 MTRs) and a USB switcher for 2 MTRs with 1 – mic and 1 camera
A4. Interesting, Russ Is this supported in MTR/W? I have tested the video part, integrating MTR/W’s with HDMI splitters, switchers and even matrix switchers for integrated A/V rooms. But no experience with USB switchers. Have you tested multiple brands? Is the one that you are using a pro model? Does the TAC refresh the devices connected to the unit each time you swap the camera/speaker/microphone? Any diagnostics / monitoring problems from TAC with this arrange? Thank you!
A5. No this is not supported officially as TAC will recognise the MTRs as the peripherals are offline.

Q. Hi, my name is Martin from Switzerland! We just deployed around 100+ Teams Meeting Rooms, I have a question: Any way to disable auto-start video in Teams Room System by default? Thanks
A1. This is by design and not possible to change. You can disable it but means users must press sign-in each day after a nightly reboot. Remember the Skype account is secure by design.

Episode Ten – Monday 18th January 2021 – 12pm EST/5pm UK

Another great session with lots of discussion. Full recap of presentation and Q&A below.

Slides from Episode Ten

Questions during Episode Ten

Q. What is the use case for the Dell Microsoft Teams Monitors?
A. Either person use or huddle spaces for BYOD could be the use case

Q. Price point for the Dell monitors?
A. Dell is launching a 24-inch (FHD) version for $519.99, a 27-inch (QHD) model for $719.99, and a curved 34-inch (WQHD) variant for $1,149.99. All three will launch on February 16th

Q. Lars demonstrated the new Rally Bar devices and auto framing was good. Feedback on another vendor – We enabled the auto framing/speaker tracking feature on some Yealink equipment and the feedback from users has been “too distracting” because it moves so frequently. This looks to be a bit smoother. Hoping Yealink makes some updates soon.
A. It was confirmed that Yealink are working on an update. Yealink are aware of the ‘fast panning’ of the cameras, hopefully they will resolve soon.

Q. Will the AI camera of the Rally bar be supported for the room capacity feature for MTR/Teams panels? I know that MS requires specific required cameras for that function. I know for now this AI is being used for the sync Insights portal feature.

Q. Does it auto switch from Android to USB when connected to USB? i.e. does it pair with Logitech Swytch for BYOD single USB cable functionality for local monitor presentation and peripheral control from BYOD device?
A1. There is an auto switch countdown when USB is plugged in. I think it’s 5 seconds.
A2. Yes, Swytch does work with Rally Bar/Mini which provides single cable BYOD.

Q. What’s the additional value of the Logitech roommate vs the Intel NUC or Lenovo tiny pc?
A. Longer discussion, but it provides the MTRoA management experience across many AV peripherals

Q. Does Logitech Swytch also work with MTR on Android? When is HDMI ingest for wired screensharing is supported?
A. Yes Swytch works with Rally Mar (MTRoA). As I understand it, work is being done to suppress errors in MTR-P so that when BYOD mode is used with Swytch, errors are suppressed.

Q. Mounting the Rally Bar? Above or below the screen?
A. The same TV mount allows for mounting above and below display

Q. What size room can the Nuvera cover?
A1. Spec shows up to 7.6m x 7.6m
A2. 28*18 is the room size for 1. If you link them together you can get a much larger room.

Q. Is there a demo of this new speaker/mic from Nuvera?
A. See here.

Q. What colours are they available in?
A. Black or white

Q. Where is the new MTR Security document hosted?
A. View it here.

Q. It would be cool to have MTR being able to start MS whiteboard.
A. This is scheduled for some time this year

Q. My org. is setting up our first Crestron UC160-T. Are you aware of any documentation for the configuration of the Crestron specific settings, touch display/portal security settings?
A. Check out this doc here.

Q. We are looking for a way to push settings to MTRoW devices, what’s the best way?
A1. Windows Configuration Designer – would be a good use case for that.
A2. Had good results using WCD to deploy devices with names, etc. incidentally

Q. With SfB online support ending July 2021, is Microsoft working now to prevent the sign in issue when companies use Teams only and don’t enable SfB online?
A. I understand Microsoft are working on a Teams only mode for MTRoW.

Q. When will Surface Hub be available in the TAC for management similar to MTRs and Teams Displays?
A, Surface Hub for TAC is due later this year.

Q. Any Windows Config Designer templates for the MTR?
A. Not aware of any, but the Surface Hub one is here.

Episode Nine – Tuesday 22nd December 2020 @ 4pm UK Time

No main topic for this episode, we’ll recap the past year. Feel free to ask away. Below is a summary of the Q&A during the session.

Slides from Episode Nine

Questions during Episode Nine

Q. With Webex Guest Join, issues have been seen with End-to-End Encryption. Is this known to anyone else?
A. This seems to be happening only on corporate accounts rather than personal/free accounts. Microsoft are investigating with Cisco. It appears the Webex Web App does not support E2E Encryption, which is odd, as Cisco wrote the Web App.

Q. Any idea when this new Poly MTRoA G7500 will be available and for what price?
A. Estimated Q1/Q2 2021 to be certified. The device is available today in PolyOS mode

Q. Currently Zoom Guest Join on MTR only shows the active far-end-talker’s video feed (non-active far-ends are hidden)- any hint if Zoom on MTR will support a gallery view, or at least include thumbnail views of non-active talkers?
A. As of the latest Zoom release, the web app now has Active Speaker and Gallery View

Zoom Guest Join on a MTR

Q. Will MS add some kind of Bluetooth proximity to Coordinated meetings, so that the 2. unit does not join the call if it is not near by?
A. No idea if this will happen or not. We will look to get maybe Yoav or Christian on another episode for any Surface Hub related items.

Q. Will there be more Teams Displays on the market?
A. We guess so, look out in 2021 🙂

Q. Will the Poly CCX600 become a Teams Display?
A. No idea and can’t comment on roadmap

Feedback on MTR Premium service from a user
We just installed our first MTR devices, and lit up MTR Premium on them. Incredibly happy with it so far. The visibility of the room is excellent and the response from Microsoft support to the tickets generated has been impressive (much much better than going through Premier support). We will be licensing all our rooms for it.

Q. Anyone knows if Surface Hub will be supported with the Premium license?
A. Suggested time frame is Q1 2021 along with MTRoA devices

Q. When will Teams Casting be available?
A. Soonish 🙂

Q. I recently saw that the console interface for MTRoA will be changing in January for Poly. I don’t like the current MTRoA interface, so I’m excited about this. Did anyone else hear of this?
A. Yes, the MTRoA devices will get a similar CoR console like MTRoW devices. Roadmap for Q1/Q2 2021.

Q, Is the android version for collab bars only or will they be available on more robust devices?
A. Collab bars will become more robust with support for external peripherals

Q. I understood from Poly that the X30 and X50 Studio Teams rooms on Android will support AV passthrough in Teams mode. Knauf, Bill from Poly can you confirm when this will be available? This is a great workaround till MS will support direct guest join/third party meetings.
A1. Yes, Poly calls the USB pass through feature “device mode,” and it has been in beta. It won’t make the December 3.3 release today though. Q1 2021 target now.
A2. I am testing right now in beta SW and it was expected in 3.3, but also it will be later maybe Q2

Q. Where can I find the MTR Roadmap?

Q. What’s the main difference between Windows and Android Devices?
A. It is not really about Windows or Android but more about speaker, mics and cameras PLUS smartness on the AEC size to cope with bigger rooms.

Q. Are collab bars suited for large rooms then?
A. Maybe the collab bar products that comes out early next year, will suit larger rooms, than the devices we see today

Q. Are the together mode new scenes like for the desktop app available for MTRoW, MTRoA and Surface hub?
A. It is planned for Q1/Q2 for together mode to be on both platforms as well.

Q. Isn’t there a second aspect to the Hub, Android, Windows MTR devices debate – management?
A. Yes absolutely. Some organisations might prefer to manage Windows OS vs Android devices, so that needs to be considered too.

Q. Does anybody has knowledge about a touch device similar to the perfect touch and pen functionality of the surface hub -> usable in MTR
A1. Any Touch Enabled screen that can connect over USB can be connected to a MTR. Experience won’t be the same as Surface Hub is designed for this. Touch experience on the MTR is more Microsoft Whiteboard today. See here for more details.
A2. Lars has tested both LG touch and Avocor, and I found the Avocor a lot better with the whiteboarding… the LG was lagging
A3. See article here on the Tech Community

Q. Are there any other video phones available?
A. You can join from CCX + camera (CCX700+CCX600 camera) to Teams via RealConnect (Cloud Video Interop). Note the phone is not in Teams Mode, SIP mode only.
Feedback from Poly – Stating the above during the design and manufacturing of the new CCX range the specifications required for a Video capable phone where changed which did not allow us to use the CCX 700 for its originally designed use case. At present, there is no video-capable CCX Teams phone from Poly and any discussion around this would require an NDA via a Poly sales engineer.

Q. Would it be reasonable to see Device as a Service be coupled with premium licenses with Teams Room Managed Service?
A. The premium license option is how much you want to support your devices vs having Microsoft manage your rooms. It’s not necessarily a tie-in to device as a service though sure…load up on * as a service

Q. When will more features be visible and supported in the whiteboard integration in Teams like in the whiteboard desktop app? The desktop app is lacking performance and when you have more then 10 people whiteboarding the Teams whiteboard is much more reliable and faster today.
A. Expect an improved web-based whiteboard experience soon

Q. When the people counting comes, that’s when we will look at the new MTR displays for outside the rooms
A. Yes people counting will be integrated to the MTR Displays outside the room.

Q. Is there going to be ability to turn off the post-meeting quality survey on MTRs?
A. That can be done at a tenant level. I will write a blog post shortly on this.

Q. Regarding the coordinated meeting, if we set this functionality, it will be activated permanently for every meeting? Is something that even if it’s configure can be turn it off or on whenever you need?
A. It will be a permanent setting for all meetings

Q. Any guidance for setting up Intune and MTRs?
A. Great article by Craig Chiffers on Intune here.

Q. Has release 4.7.15 resolved the audio sharing issue from the HDMI ingest?
A. Yes, the latest release support HDMI Audio during a meeting.

Q. Still wishing for DISABLING every sort of NR and AEC and such to be able to send unaltered audio across. There needs to be an “expert mode” IMHO for use cases off the beaten track.
A. The PG has heard this request and is not interested in enabling it. You may be an expert in setting up AV, but many IT departments aren’t. Someone turns on expert mode and then the audio is terrible because they don’t know what they are doing.

Q. Any tips for setting up Azure AD Groups?
A. For IP phones, I setup a custom AAD group to define devices by manufacturer name and then define an InTune policy using that group membership. This helps separate our MDM device enrollments for Teams Native IP phones verses getting the same policy I would apply to cell phone devices, etc.

Q. How do I register to be on the Microsoft TAP programme?
A. Register here

Q. Hi Guys, can someone help me? I realize that Cortana does not appear in the latest MTR version, I’m checking on a Crestron room device. Any thought?
A1. It’s still under TAP. Some days ago, the configuration in the admin GUI setup has been deleted by the product development team, you can only set this via XML or teams admin center. The user setting is under settings if you have the latest update in TAP programme.
A2. Also, you need approved Cortana devices for it to show up would be my assumption. The Crestron peripherals are not Cortana certified to my knowledge and I do not have it showing up on any units of mine either. The Logitech Rally does work, and we watched it work on a demo from Michael…. thanks again Michael…that was cool to see. I’m sure as it comes out from TAP and more widespread there will be some documentation about it and I think its blog post worthy so there is some good background info when people run into issues with it….
A3. As per the release notes, Cortana is in preview and must be configured via XML as per here.
A4. Cortana voice assistance in Microsoft Teams Rooms is released under Preview. In its preview release, Cortana is supported only in the US with language EN-US on devices that have connected Rally microphones.
A5. So, only for Logitech Rally systems, at least for now. My MTR has a Logitech Rally Plus attached, it is in EN-US, but the Tenant is in the EU. No Cortana yet. If I apply the XML (See above) the settings will show up, but it is disabled and no user choice. Not on the MTR and not on my Microsoft Teams display Devices (Lenovo). Looks like these requirements are strict requirements for now. Think I will move some devices to an US tenant to play around with it.

Episode Eight – Tuesday 17th November 2020

Main topic for this episode will be a look at complex rooms with Microsoft Teams Rooms. We’ll have Sennheiser join us and talk about how they can deliver technology into these large/complex rooms.

Slides from Episode Eight

Questions during Episode Eight

Q. Can the Crestron Microsoft Teams Scheduling Panels be managed by Crestron XIO as well?
A. Yes they will be able to

Q. Where is the Microsoft Teams Room Roadmap?
A. Short URL is

Q. How do you add location information to your Exchange Resource Account?
A. You can use Set-Place – Finding Meeting Rooms and Spaces in Outlook

Q. How to I join the Microsoft TAP Programme

Q. Do we know how these Teams Panels will be powered and connected to the network?
A. Crestron will be POE or inline power. Do not know about Yealink.

Q. Any news on multi-camera support for the MTRs?
A. No details on the public roadmap for this. However IP Camera support is scheduled for March 2021.

Q. Will there be a license option just for a Teams Display if there is no MTR inside the room/space?
A. No idea on this at present, but it just signs into the Exchange Resource Mailbox, which is free. This is how Crestron scheduling panels operate today, talking to Exchange/M365.

Q. What is the difference between PoE and PoE+
A. PoE+ provides more power on the wire. Usually used for larger devices or a device with accessories so it can power both. It can usually be configured at the switch port level.

Q. Is there a release date for the Crestron CX100 custom room with BYOD?
A. We’re not here to answer specific Crestron questions, but you can guess in Q1 2021 🙂

Q. Where is Gary Evans’s blog on what Microsoft Teams Device certification means?

Q. Is there a certified facial tracking camera for larger rooms?
A. There is one available from Poly that is certified – details here.

Q. What is the date for the QSC and Sennheiser Webinar?
A. Both are on 3rd December 2020, session one is here and session two here

Q. We are seeing issues with the keyboard not popping up on the Center of Room console, what could it be?
A. Ensure that no other keyboard is plugged into the MTR.

Q. Is there any combination of speaker and mic that do not require a DSP?
A. There are a number of certified microphone/speaker combo bars that have announced and will be released soon. The Bose VB1 is one Charlie has been testing with and it sounds great and looks good. Long term vision is to get rid of the DSP entirely as the compute gets more powerful, but none of them are certified.

Q. How can we find and understand the MTR logs better?
A. Luke Kannel from Logitech was on the show previously and provided some great content on troubleshooting. See Episode Four below.

Q. How can we stop sending content as soon as something is connected or a 3rd party wireless sharing solution?
A. Microsoft mentioned last month that they are looking into this. Crestron has the AirMedia AM-200 available today that addresses this.

Episode Seven – Wednesday 14th October 2020

Wow, what an episode. A full 90 minutes. Thank you all for joining us and asking some great questions which I’ve captured below. Also a huge thanks to Ilya and Greg from the Microsoft devices product group for taking time out of their busy schedules to contribute to the session.

Slides from Episode Seven

Here are the questions that were discussed during the session

Q. How are Teams Panels physically powered? POE? Regular AC?
A. PoE+ for the Crestron panels

Q. Any plans for iOS support for Teams Panels as we are using Intune managed iPad Minis at present
A. No plans for an iOS app for this.  In fact, no plans for a standalone app; this is shipped in partnership with specific HW partners such as Crestron, pre-installed on devices

Q. Would they have to be connected to any network?
A. Yes, the Teams Panels will need to access the Microsoft cloud services

Q. We have MS Teams devices as standard license and we installed latest updates (4.6.0 or and it is missing in Teams admin centre (we do not see service – Win Device Admin Agent service or and folder adminagent folder)
A. Open a support case with Microsoft.  I have seen this mentioned on the Tech Community too.
A. Our rooms did not import until we had 1909, so check Windows OS Version too.   
A. I have experienced that the TAC requires a sign in on the MTR app using a resource account in your tenant before it shows up in the TAC

Q. Will the Teams Panels be based on a Surface Go inside an OEM Dock or completely built by Crestron/Yealink? 
A. No, must work with the certified partners, today this is Crestron and soon Yealink

Q. Would the metric reporting show up in TAC?
A. Yes, all Teams Panels data will be in the Teams Admin Centre

Q. Speaking of management… Is autopilot for MTRs on the roadmap? If so, what is the ETA?
A. Yes autopilot is on the MTR roadmap, H1 CY21

Q. ETA for these intelligent speakers?
A. H2 2021

Q. Any details on how the People count works? I thought it would be the Room System that is doing it but sounds like the Panels will be doing it.
A. People counting is done by the camera room system in the room.  Panels display the info before you walk into the room and can direct people to overflow rooms

Q. How is the panel tied to the people counting?
A. Panels display the info (from the room system camera) before you walk into the room and can direct people to overflow rooms

Q. Where does the TAC pull its data? AAD or Intune? Or does it independently report to the TAC?
A. There is an agent on Teams devices which enrols into TAC.  The enrolment is shared with Intune / MEM as well

Q. Owl cameras and Nureva HDL3000.  Seems to work well with the MTRs, can you comment on if/when they will be Teams certified?
A. We are not working on Certification of OWL.  I respectfully disagree on those “working well with Teams”

Q. Are the Crestron MTR panels the TSS series?
A. New Teams Panels will run on the forthcoming TS-x70 series panels from Crestron

Q. We are just wondering how to centrally change the administrator PW to something secure. We are planning to enrol devices also to add / Intune.
A. If registered to Intune, this is something you can do from there.

Q. Presumably enrolment is carried out on the intelligent speaker, or can it be done from user workstations? Assuming also if the biometrics are stored in O365, they are shared between devices once enrolled? i.e. no need to enrol on multiple devices?
A. Correct, biometrics will be stored in M365

Q. One for later in call but Is there any plans for more control over the MTR firmware push from the device or potentially in TAC – to aid us to align all devices up to latest version
A. Yes, it is planned for next year.

Q. Any dates for new touch panel interface for MTRoA? as in same look and feel as MTRoW
A. Target is end of 2020.

Q. Third party join on Collab Bar?
A. This is being investigated, no timeframe.  There is a lot more work required to do this on Android.

Q. Can you have 3×3 gallery view on dual screen MTR’s, or is it in the roadmap?
A. New options for screen utilisation will arrive next year.

Q. Screen sharing ingest through Zoom and Webex?
A. No support for sharing via ingest from room systems into direct guest join, would require too much custom development work.

Q. Following Dual Screen – Any changes for second screen display if not using content
A. Yes

Q. Would the Teams casting would be only for local meetings? Non-Teams Calls??
A. Teams Casting will work with both, just like proximity join today.

Q. Will audio pass too with Teams Casting?
A. Yes

Q. Are there any plans to allow us to specify a default configuration for the content layout configuration? We are in the process of upgrading from Skype to Teams and the default (on single screen configurations) changed from content w/ video on the side to content only.  We are hoping for more consistency across our meetings while in Islands. 
A. Yes this is being worked on.

Q. Are there any update/plans on CEC technology? We have been using Extron HD CTL to wake up the TV Displays as a workaround so far.
A. on CEC, we are going to build support for the simpler and cheaper HDMI-CEC injector(s) which use a USB driver.  Coming in H1CY21

Q. Apologies if slightly off topic, but when is audio going to be supported, via a delegate using a laptop connecting via HDMI and the Present feature, in the MTR in a standard meeting 
A. HDMI Ingest audio will play through the meeting this calendar year.

Q. Is there plans for mutli large gallery pages for meetings with over 50 people with Video?
A. Noting at present.

Q. The interesting thing on that QSC page is all hands room with TWO cameras. How they doing that?!
A. I guess they are using their IP cameras that connect to their USB adapter and fed into the MTR that way.

Q. When you create an ad-hoc meeting from an MTR it creates a group call. Any plans to change this to create a full meeting so you can have dial in co-ordinates
A. Yes, this is being planned so you have full meeting join co-ordinates available.

Q. Any improvements for whiteboarding co-ordinated join, as it requires sign in for whiteboarding two way?
A. Yes this is being worked on.

Q. Does anyone know much about the Gen2 Lenovo ThinkSmart, saw some vague details at ISE I noticed Ilya mentioned it yesterday on Twitter
A. All for info on the Lenovo gen 2
A. 4 x 3W full duplex premium-tuned speakers and 4 x 360-degree dual-array mics with far-field support

Q. Custom spaces certified devices
A. Check out our certified DSP and mic combos and all other Certified devices on

Q. Can you talk about a timeframe for IP connect of devices?
A. Coming soon

Q. Are there any plans for more control over the MTR firmware push from the device or potentially in TAC – to aid us to align all devices up to latest version.  experience is they update eventually but do take time to replicate across the estate
A. MTR on Android, all updating is controlled via TAC today.  For MTR on Windows, that is something we will deliver, built on Mem / Intune, in TAC in H1Cy21

Q. Quickly back to Android, apologies if I missed this, is the ‘lookalike’ front end to the android MTR limited to partners who already have collab bars like Poly with the x30/50?
A. Coming soon

Q. What is thought process behind having the content ingest at the touch panel?  The HP Slice has the content ingest at the compute but the CORC cannot be extended long enough for multipurpose scenarios.  Would be great if you supported multiple CORC and content ingest at the compute.  If the CORC could be POE and connect via the network with content ingest happening at the compute, this device would be the only device we would need for all use cases.  Isn’t that what MS wants?  Certainly, what I want
A. Different vendors do different things with content ingest, so select the most suitable vendor that matches your needs.

Q. Is panorama support in Teams?
A. Should be there now or very soon

Q. when will MTRs have a “Teams Only” mode?
A. There will be a Teams only mode with the next generation app framework.

Q. Is there any plan to add camera control into the MTR software
A. Yes, this is coming, and you will be able to name each camera.  It will also be in the mobile Remote-Control client H1 CY21 is the plan.

Q. With MTR the long distances for USB etc. are often a problem. Will MTR let the devices IP talk to each other in the future, which would make any cabling much easier
A. Yes, we will have support for IP based audio / video peripherals coming to MTR

Q. SIP phones supports Microsoft Teams in 2021, is that old phones like Polycom CX3000 or other sip phones supports.  Are these devices can manage from TAC?
A. No, the Poly CX3000 is not a SIP phone. That was designed for Lync/SfB.

Q. Can you Forward Invitation to a MTR from an iOS/Android device? We see it remove the meeting details.
A. Yes it should work. However have a look at this article.

Q. What’s the future of the MTRs? Are they going away?
A. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. MTRs are here to stay.

Q. What are the main causes for the Crestron TWS-1060 not seeing the UC-Engine
A. DNS, it’s always DNS and if its not DNS, it’s the firewall 😊 In seriousness, setting it to the reserved DHCP or static address is good or utilise the new direct connect feature.

Q. Roadmap for MTRoA devices, where can I see this?
A. The roadmap is public and listed here.

Q. Any other Guest Join Access partners Microsoft are working on?
A. Noting can be disclosed as of now.

Q. Is MMR Worth it?
A. MMR doesn’t have to be used for all rooms, it could be used for important or heavily used rooms, so you have that extra layer of support and monitoring for there.

Episode Six – Tuesday 15th September 2020

Another great session, this time with Phil Clapham providing us an overview of the Teams Personal Devices and Sid Roy from the Microsoft MTR Premium (MTRP) team providing an overview and demo of the service.

Slides from Episode Six

Some Q and A from the session

Q. Regarding the Teams Personal Devices, does it support a wireless or usb keyboard?
A. Bluetooth keyboard does work, but the On Screen Keyboard still appears

Q. Does the ThinkSmart View (TSV) have a USB Port?
A. It does not have a USB port (USB C for resetting or flashing device). Only option is Power Port

Q. If a Teams Personal Device is in a huddle room, would it support allowing for a Common Area Phone experience? To get my files, I need to sign in.
A. The hot desk support is really cool

Q. Re MTRP, Can I ask technically how is this setting up Rings?
A. The rings are defined in the service, you assign a room to the one you want. It is under the Updates section then the Rings tab.

Q. What’s the price difference between standard device account and MTR premium account per device?
A. MTR license is $15 and the MTRP is $50 but that includes the MTR license, so really MTRP is $35 per room, per month

Q. Is this service designed to be on top of AzureAD/MDM management or replacement?
A. It is designed to be on top/optional

Q. When can we expect to see the self-service version? Will there be any capability to manage Crestron peripherals (touchpanel, etc.)?
A. No, there won’t be a self-service version. However, MTRP is working with partners such as Whitlock and NTT to offer out the APIs so it can be blended into their offerings too. More to come on this in the next few months.

Q. Can it push down device firmware?
A. MTR Premium is able to push firmware updates to certified peripherals like Logitech Rally

Q. What level of access to the organization tenant is required for a partner to provide this managed service?
A. None as the partner does not log into the tenant. They log into MTRP. There is also a new Teams Admin Devices role that can be setup via Azure AD.

Episode Five – Tuesday 18th August 2020

Episode Five was a great session, lots of good conversation around managing MTRs with the Teams Admin Center and a quick look at MTR Premium management. Again, kudos to Phil for joining from Australia. Slides below as well as some Q&A.

Slide from Episode Five

Q&A from Episode Five

  1. How to disable Teams Admin Center via XML Config?
    • <DisableTacCommunication> and set True.
  2. Do you have any insight to improves in RBAC that might be in the pipeline
    • We understand Microsoft are working on this feature. Customers can consent Partners to do this today, but RBAC roles are coming to Teams Admin Center later this year.
  3. Is the ability to apply windows updates/peripheral updates via the TAC something that’s on the roadmap?
    • No Comment 🙂
  4. Is there a communication standard being considered for that health and status monitoring of peripherals?
    • All communications is done over USB, so no standard per-sa
  5. Do you know if MTR Premium is available for GCC customers?
    • Not for GCC High, not sure for GCC low.
  6. Using the Microsoft portals admin.* can be slow when used via a proxy. Seen good results with Edge/Credge
    • I’m a Microsoft Employee, I use a Mac as my personal computer, I’ve installed the new Edge Chromium and made that my default browser on my Mac, because it is that “good”
  7. I am piloting the ThinkSmart View and it showed up in my TAC as an IP Phone device.
    • That’s correct, they will show up as a “phone” right now
  8. How do you content share with those devices (Teams Personal Devices)? Do they connect to your PC somehow?
    • You need external joined device for sharing. New features coming as previewed in the teaser video.
  9. Does the Mercury Mini still use the same backplate with the PC, etc. as the larger ones? unclear from the website/docs.
    • Yes it does when it is sold as a Microsoft Teams Room. The Audio Only version is just the MM30.
  10. I have been attempting to test Coordinated Meetings with MTR + Hub but I did run into an issue with my Hub not joining. Seems to be related to my hub being in Public Preview win10Teams OS. Rebuilding my hub2s right now.
  11. To confirm these settings are from update?
    • Yes, coordinated meetings is from rolling out in the Microsoft Store now
  12. Do you recommend placing NUC (Tap unit) under conference room table rather than behind Front of Room Display to make Proximity Join work better?
    • We recommend placing the NUC in a location where users won’t “tinker” with it.
  13. Laptop sitting right next to the device I see the problem – thanks, will test with external dongle
    • I have tried an external USB dongle and used a 15ft extension cable so the Bluetooth is under the table rather behind the screen. Not all BT adapters are the same. It might be trial and error.

Episode Four – Tuesday 14th July 2020

Episode Four is done. Great turnout and thanks to Phil Clapham for staying up so late in Australia. See below for the slides.

For the troubleshooting overview that Luke Kannel from Logitech covered, his slides can be found below.

Slide from Episode Four

Episode Three – Tuesday 16th June 2020

Episode Three is now done. We had a great overview from Michael and Nate from Microsoft on Microsoft Teams networking, along with some great questions we discussed. You can find the slides with the answers to the questions below.

Sides from Episode Three

Questions from Episode Three

Q. Remote access of a Crestron Flex – need to have a way to run an app like Crestron Remote Control while RDP’d to a remote desktop or a Citrix desktop for vendor support. The Crestron Remote Control app is perfect except you have to be at the desktop – it doesn’t work when RDP’d or using the ICA client.

Q. Generally interested in all kind and size of Teams Room Systems. Especially the next gen announced for second half of 2020.

Q. How to secure and admin Crestron MTR can it use the same process and programs used in computer system deployments of laptops? Any ETA on Direct guest join to Zoom and WebEx?

Q. Any time estimate when Surface Hub and Surface Hub 2 devices will support Modern Authentication?

Q. Any plans to allow for text to be added to the screens from the settings menu?

Q. I would also like to request some better, high resolution, images for the backgrounds.

Q. New layout? 7×7 ?

Q. My biggest pain point is when the MTR console shows on the Front of room TV and the Front of Gallery view shows on the Logitech TAP. Once that happens, I cannot seem to get it to revert.

Q. Would love to hear more on how people manage room systems in general.

Q. How do you manage MTR devices with Intune?

Q. How to enable modern auth on the MTR device?

Q. Will Cisco and Zoom guest feature be available in next MTR release ?

Episode Two – Tuesday 12th May 2020

Episode two is now done and dusted. Thanks all for joining. Hopefully, everyone was getting the invites this time round. Again, some great questions. Keep them coming for Episode Three next month. Slides from Episode Two are below.

Slide from Episode Two

Questions submitted for Episode Two

Q. What is the best way to mobilize or utilize the “flex”-ibility of the Flex platform for remote use cases?

Q. ADFS support for MTR was mentioned but has anybody verified if it is now supported with MTR since MA went GA?

Q. Will new Teams AI features like background noise suppression carry over to MTR systems?

Q. Seeing lots of questions about collaboration bars and capabilities, maybe someone has had more hands on with them by that time?

Q. Also, what is the new cool update for surface hub rumoured to come this summer, will it get more features like MTR?

Q. How to enable an MTR to provide a complete solution for a conference room that obviously give users the ability to fully use MS Teams but also to be able to participate in external invitations from the other solutions, webex, zoom, SIP/IP calls using the peripherals of the MTR

Q. Guest experience – any plan to streamline this?? Is not user friendly, especially on Live Events and with guests that want to present, which is almost all of our Events

Q. Touchscreens in MTRs: is this a thing? Will it become one? If the ability to launch Whiteboard from an MTR ships, this would be useful I think? Related – Poly is really promoting touchscreens for joining meetings with its still-not-shipping Android-based Teams room solution.

Q. Can additional touchscreens be added to the M/MX-series Crestron units or just to the C-series? Use case would be a medium room where MX in the centre of the table is not easy enough to reach for all, and also retrofits where we have an existing Crestron touch panel on the wall that won’t be needed for video switching anymore when changing to MTR – would be nice to repurpose.

Q. The non-MTR version of the MX mentions a built-in occupancy sensor. Is that used in the MTR version and if so for what? For occupancy activities such as auto-cancel booking do we need a scheduling touch panel + PoE occupancy sensor?

Q. Looking for some more clarity around the CVI with MS Teams and Pexip, BlueJeans and Poly.

Q. When will we see MTR Management rolled out? We heard that the TAP for it was cancelled, and we really would like to try it out.

Q. When will the MTR devices support zoom and webex meeting joins? Will multi video cameras (Not including content camera) be natively supported on these devices. Basically looking for camera switching from within meetings?

Q. Fit to Frame release timeframe?

Q. 3×3 Layout for Front of Room

Q. Cortana

Q. Device Monitoring features of MTR

Q. Virus detection software on MTR.

Q. Can you touch on the on-prem Exchange minimums (Exchange 2013 SP1) for hybrid using O365?

Q. Maybe touch on why Exchange needs to be running on-prem in this scenario in order for MTR to get calendar data? Is it EWS and AD sync with Auto Discovery?

Q. Why are the collab bars and MTR interface not consistent?

Q. Why aren’t MTR capable to integrate other AV peripheral controls for divisible space/multipurpose rooms?

Q. Some MTR manufacturers working on this space says its very limited on what they can do because of the locked down code.

Episode One – Wednesday 15th April 2020

So, with Episode One, we sent out the invites to people, but it seems some invites might have been caught up in spam filters from my testing tenant. Still investigating why that was. We’ll figure out another way for Episode Two. Below is the slide deck from Episode One. Many thanks for the excellent questions submitted for episode one, keep the coming for episode two.

Feedback form for Episode One is here.

Slides from Episode One

Questions during Episode One

Q. Pricing

Q. Can’t we configure all the setting of an MTR including the login credentials through Xio Cloud ?

Q. Can we also push the XML settings of the MTR from Xio Cloud?

Q. Will we be able to use our compute keyboard when using the Remote Control of a MTR touch panel through Xio Cloud?

Q. Interested in MTRv2 and Collab Bar endpoints for Teams & Zoom

Q. When starting an audio call from an MTR, when searching for the person you want to call, is there a way to display not only their work phone but cell phone(if it’s in AD) like we can on the Teams desktop client?

Q. Currently I have Mercury’s deployed that are running in the native Crestron mode, what would be the easiest path upgrade them to MTR rooms? I currently have a test unit running in MTR mode with a UC-Engine and AM-200 attached, would that be all I need?

Q. When is Zoom support for MTR shipping?

Q. What are your thoughts on one screen versus two screens?

Q. Have you seen any installs with one screen be smaller and off to the side (eg content centre of room and video offset)?

Q. Is the UC-MX150-T still on track to be available at the end of April?

Q. Is there a C-series version of the UC-MX150-T system planned (ie BYOD connect for C-series)?

Q. Are you aware of any plans for Teams rooms to be able to use multiple cameras – eg front of room and side of room to be able to film someone talking at the front. (It seems crazy to me a four-year-old Poly Trio can do this, albeit manually, but a MTR cannot.)

Q. A challenge for customers working with integrators, especially multiple ones because of different geographic locations, is validating the equipment recommendations and BOMs. Do you have a “best of” deck of MTR installs you that you could share?

Q/ I’m wondering if there is a good way to manage Logitech peripherals (Rally, TAP, Meetup) using a Crestron Management application like Building and Enterprise Management Software, RoomViewer, or something else?

Q. Does Crestron have plans to offer Crestron control on a 2nd page of the TAP? Similar to Extron’s MSI Installer for the NUC to have TAP control?

Q. MS Teams Will support dual display Option, I mean Content in One display & Video in another display?

Q. Can you please make available a Teams setup for us teachers to play around with, login as student or teacher, and be able to record how we do things, for the web? Right now I either have to redact thru the whole process, or just keep it internal.

Q. Modern Authentication – Best way to manage MTR devices

Q. Can you gents discuss the timing around Teams and Crestron software firmware syncing up for both UCE versions

Q. Is Crestron planning to come up with PTZ cameras for the larger meeting rooms?

Q. Are there any Teams Phones hardware that are equipped with the ‘sidecar’ that would be used with receptionists or executive admins?

Q. Any ETA on PTZ controls?

Q. An adjustments for default audio?

Q. Will Teams on MTR support several cameras as in Skype for Business. (Not content cam)?

Q. Will teams include chat on MTR in the future?

Q. Looking forward to the overview on MTR as well as new information on Collaboration Bar class of device. Thanks!?

Q. Can you show how to do add email through a 3rd party app?

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