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Below we will host the slides that contain the Q&A submitted before each session.

The show is hosted by Jimmy Vaughan and myself and we invite anyone to contribute to the session.

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Episode Nine – Tuesday 15th December 2020

No idea on the main topic for this episode, so feel free to ask away. No need to register, you can add the event to your diary here or click here to join the meeting.

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Episode Eight – Tuesday 17th November 2020

Main topic for this episode will be a look at complex rooms with Microsoft Teams Rooms. We’ll have Sennheiser join us and talk about how they can deliver technology into these large/complex rooms.

Questions during Episode Eight

Q. Can the Crestron Microsoft Teams Scheduling Panels be managed by Crestron XIO as well?
A. Yes they will be able to

Q. Where is the Microsoft Teams Room Roadmap?
A. Short URL is

Q. How do you add location information to your Exchange Resource Account?
A. You can use Set-Place – Finding Meeting Rooms and Spaces in Outlook

Q. How to I join the Microsoft TAP Programme

Q. Do we know how these Teams Panels will be powered and connected to the network?
A. Crestron will be POE or inline power. Do not know about Yealink.

Q. Any news on multi-camera support for the MTRs?
A. No details on the public roadmap for this. However IP Camera support is scheduled for March 2021.

Q. Will there be a license option just for a Teams Display if there is no MTR inside the room/space?
A. No idea on this at present, but it just signs into the Exchange Resource Mailbox, which is free. This is how Crestron scheduling panels operate today, talking to Exchange/M365.

Q. What is the difference between PoE and PoE+
A. PoE+ provides more power on the wire. Usually used for larger devices or a device with accessories so it can power both. It can usually be configured at the switch port level.

Q. Is there a release date for the Crestron CX100 custom room with BYOD?
A. We’re not here to answer specific Crestron questions, but you can guess in Q1 2021 🙂

Q. Where is Gary Evans’s blog on what Microsoft Teams Device certification means?

Q. Is there a certified facial tracking camera for larger rooms?
A. There is one available from Poly that is certified – details here.

Q. What is the date for the QSC and Sennheiser Webinar?
A. Both are on 3rd December 2020, session one is here and session two here

Q. We are seeing issues with the keyboard not popping up on the Center of Room console, what could it be?
A. Ensure that no other keyboard is plugged into the MTR.

Q. Is there any combination of speaker and mic that do not require a DSP?
A. There are a number of certified microphone/speaker combo bars that have announced and will be released soon. The Bose VB1 is one Charlie has been testing with and it sounds great and looks good. Long term vision is to get rid of the DSP entirely as the compute gets more powerful, but none of them are certified.

Q. How can we find and understand the MTR logs better?
A. Luke Kannel from Logitech was on the show previously and provided some great content on troubleshooting. See Episode Four below.

Q. How can we stop sending content as soon as something is connected or a 3rd party wireless sharing solution?
A. Microsoft mentioned last month that they are looking into this. Crestron has the AirMedia AM-200 available today that addresses this.

Episode Seven – Wednesday 14th October 2020

Wow, what an episode. A full 90 minutes. Thank you all for joining us and asking some great questions which I’ve captured below. Also a huge thanks to Ilya and Greg from the Microsoft devices product group for taking time out of their busy schedules to contribute to the session.

Here are the questions that were discussed during the session

Q. How are Teams Panels physically powered? POE? Regular AC?
A. PoE+ for the Crestron panels

Q. Any plans for iOS support for Teams Panels as we are using Intune managed iPad Minis at present
A. No plans for an iOS app for this.  In fact, no plans for a standalone app; this is shipped in partnership with specific HW partners such as Crestron, pre-installed on devices

Q. Would they have to be connected to any network?
A. Yes, the Teams Panels will need to access the Microsoft cloud services

Q. We have MS Teams devices as standard license and we installed latest updates (4.6.0 or and it is missing in Teams admin centre (we do not see service – Win Device Admin Agent service or and folder adminagent folder)
A. Open a support case with Microsoft.  I have seen this mentioned on the Tech Community too.
A. Our rooms did not import until we had 1909, so check Windows OS Version too.   
A. I have experienced that the TAC requires a sign in on the MTR app using a resource account in your tenant before it shows up in the TAC

Q. Will the Teams Panels be based on a Surface Go inside an OEM Dock or completely built by Crestron/Yealink? 
A. No, must work with the certified partners, today this is Crestron and soon Yealink

Q. Would the metric reporting show up in TAC?
A. Yes, all Teams Panels data will be in the Teams Admin Centre

Q. Speaking of management… Is autopilot for MTRs on the roadmap? If so, what is the ETA?
A. Yes autopilot is on the MTR roadmap, H1 CY21

Q. ETA for these intelligent speakers?
A. H2 2021

Q. Any details on how the People count works? I thought it would be the Room System that is doing it but sounds like the Panels will be doing it.
A. People counting is done by the camera room system in the room.  Panels display the info before you walk into the room and can direct people to overflow rooms

Q. How is the panel tied to the people counting?
A. Panels display the info (from the room system camera) before you walk into the room and can direct people to overflow rooms

Q. Where does the TAC pull its data? AAD or Intune? Or does it independently report to the TAC?
A. There is an agent on Teams devices which enrols into TAC.  The enrolment is shared with Intune / MEM as well

Q. Owl cameras and Nureva HDL3000.  Seems to work well with the MTRs, can you comment on if/when they will be Teams certified?
A. We are not working on Certification of OWL.  I respectfully disagree on those “working well with Teams”

Q. Are the Crestron MTR panels the TSS series?
A. New Teams Panels will run on the forthcoming TS-x70 series panels from Crestron

Q. We are just wondering how to centrally change the administrator PW to something secure. We are planning to enrol devices also to add / Intune.
A. If registered to Intune, this is something you can do from there.

Q. Presumably enrolment is carried out on the intelligent speaker, or can it be done from user workstations? Assuming also if the biometrics are stored in O365, they are shared between devices once enrolled? i.e. no need to enrol on multiple devices?
A. Correct, biometrics will be stored in M365

Q. One for later in call but Is there any plans for more control over the MTR firmware push from the device or potentially in TAC – to aid us to align all devices up to latest version
A. Yes, it is planned for next year.

Q. Any dates for new touch panel interface for MTRoA? as in same look and feel as MTRoW
A. Target is end of 2020.

Q. Third party join on Collab Bar?
A. This is being investigated, no timeframe.  There is a lot more work required to do this on Android.

Q. Can you have 3×3 gallery view on dual screen MTR’s, or is it in the roadmap?
A. New options for screen utilisation will arrive next year.

Q. Screen sharing ingest through Zoom and Webex?
A. No support for sharing via ingest from room systems into direct guest join, would require too much custom development work.

Q. Following Dual Screen – Any changes for second screen display if not using content
A. Yes

Q. Would the Teams casting would be only for local meetings? Non-Teams Calls??
A. Teams Casting will work with both, just like proximity join today.

Q. Will audio pass too with Teams Casting?
A. Yes

Q. Are there any plans to allow us to specify a default configuration for the content layout configuration? We are in the process of upgrading from Skype to Teams and the default (on single screen configurations) changed from content w/ video on the side to content only.  We are hoping for more consistency across our meetings while in Islands. 
A. Yes this is being worked on.

Q. Are there any update/plans on CEC technology? We have been using Extron HD CTL to wake up the TV Displays as a workaround so far.
A. on CEC, we are going to build support for the simpler and cheaper HDMI-CEC injector(s) which use a USB driver.  Coming in H1CY21

Q. Apologies if slightly off topic, but when is audio going to be supported, via a delegate using a laptop connecting via HDMI and the Present feature, in the MTR in a standard meeting 
A. HDMI Ingest audio will play through the meeting this calendar year.

Q. Is there plans for mutli large gallery pages for meetings with over 50 people with Video?
A. Noting at present.

Q. The interesting thing on that QSC page is all hands room with TWO cameras. How they doing that?!
A. I guess they are using their IP cameras that connect to their USB adapter and fed into the MTR that way.

Q. When you create an ad-hoc meeting from an MTR it creates a group call. Any plans to change this to create a full meeting so you can have dial in co-ordinates
A. Yes, this is being planned so you have full meeting join co-ordinates available.

Q. Any improvements for whiteboarding co-ordinated join, as it requires sign in for whiteboarding two way?
A. Yes this is being worked on.

Q. Does anyone know much about the Gen2 Lenovo ThinkSmart, saw some vague details at ISE I noticed Ilya mentioned it yesterday on Twitter
A. All for info on the Lenovo gen 2
A. 4 x 3W full duplex premium-tuned speakers and 4 x 360-degree dual-array mics with far-field support

Q. Custom spaces certified devices
A. Check out our certified DSP and mic combos and all other Certified devices on

Q. Can you talk about a timeframe for IP connect of devices?
A. Coming soon

Q. Are there any plans for more control over the MTR firmware push from the device or potentially in TAC – to aid us to align all devices up to latest version.  experience is they update eventually but do take time to replicate across the estate
A. MTR on Android, all updating is controlled via TAC today.  For MTR on Windows, that is something we will deliver, built on Mem / Intune, in TAC in H1Cy21

Q. Quickly back to Android, apologies if I missed this, is the ‘lookalike’ front end to the android MTR limited to partners who already have collab bars like Poly with the x30/50?
A. Coming soon

Q. What is thought process behind having the content ingest at the touch panel?  The HP Slice has the content ingest at the compute but the CORC cannot be extended long enough for multipurpose scenarios.  Would be great if you supported multiple CORC and content ingest at the compute.  If the CORC could be POE and connect via the network with content ingest happening at the compute, this device would be the only device we would need for all use cases.  Isn’t that what MS wants?  Certainly, what I want
A. Different vendors do different things with content ingest, so select the most suitable vendor that matches your needs.

Q. Is panorama support in Teams?
A. Should be there now or very soon

Q. when will MTRs have a “Teams Only” mode?
A. There will be a Teams only mode with the next generation app framework.

Q. Is there any plan to add camera control into the MTR software
A. Yes, this is coming, and you will be able to name each camera.  It will also be in the mobile Remote-Control client H1 CY21 is the plan.

Q. With MTR the long distances for USB etc. are often a problem. Will MTR let the devices IP talk to each other in the future, which would make any cabling much easier
A. Yes, we will have support for IP based audio / video peripherals coming to MTR

Q. SIP phones supports Microsoft Teams in 2021, is that old phones like Polycom CX3000 or other sip phones supports.  Are these devices can manage from TAC?
A. No, the Poly CX3000 is not a SIP phone. That was designed for Lync/SfB.

Q. Can you Forward Invitation to a MTR from an iOS/Android device? We see it remove the meeting details.
A. Yes it should work. However have a look at this article.

Q. What’s the future of the MTRs? Are they going away?
A. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. MTRs are here to stay.

Q. What are the main causes for the Crestron TWS-1060 not seeing the UC-Engine
A. DNS, it’s always DNS and if its not DNS, it’s the firewall 😊 In seriousness, setting it to the reserved DHCP or static address is good or utilise the new direct connect feature.

Q. Roadmap for MTRoA devices, where can I see this?
A. The roadmap is public and listed here.

Q. Any other Guest Join Access partners Microsoft are working on?
A. Noting can be disclosed as of now.

Q. Is MMR Worth it?
A. MMR doesn’t have to be used for all rooms, it could be used for important or heavily used rooms, so you have that extra layer of support and monitoring for there.

Episode Six – Tuesday 15th September 2020

Another great session, this time with Phil Clapham providing us an overview of the Teams Personal Devices and Sid Roy from the Microsoft MTR Premium (MTRP) team providing an overview and demo of the service.

Some Q and A from the session

Q. Regarding the Teams Personal Devices, does it support a wireless or usb keyboard?
A. Bluetooth keyboard does work, but the On Screen Keyboard still appears

Q. Does the ThinkSmart View (TSV) have a USB Port?
A. It does not have a USB port (USB C for resetting or flashing device). Only option is Power Port

Q. If a Teams Personal Device is in a huddle room, would it support allowing for a Common Area Phone experience? To get my files, I need to sign in.
A. The hot desk support is really cool

Q. Re MTRP, Can I ask technically how is this setting up Rings?
A. The rings are defined in the service, you assign a room to the one you want. It is under the Updates section then the Rings tab.

Q. What’s the price difference between standard device account and MTR premium account per device?
A. MTR license is $15 and the MTRP is $50 but that includes the MTR license, so really MTRP is $35 per room, per month

Q. Is this service designed to be on top of AzureAD/MDM management or replacement?
A. It is designed to be on top/optional

Q. When can we expect to see the self-service version? Will there be any capability to manage Crestron peripherals (touchpanel, etc.)?
A. No, there won’t be a self-service version. However, MTRP is working with partners such as Whitlock and NTT to offer out the APIs so it can be blended into their offerings too. More to come on this in the next few months.

Q. Can it push down device firmware?
A. MTR Premium is able to push firmware updates to certified peripherals like Logitech Rally

Q. What level of access to the organization tenant is required for a partner to provide this managed service?
A. None as the partner does not log into the tenant. They log into MTRP. There is also a new Teams Admin Devices role that can be setup via Azure AD.

Episode Five – Tuesday 18th August 2020

Episode Five was a great session, lots of good conversation around managing MTRs with the Teams Admin Center and a quick look at MTR Premium management. Again kudos to Phil for joining from Australia. Slides below as well as some Q&A.

Q&A from Episode Five

  1. How to disable Teams Admin Center via XML Config?
    • <DisableTacCommunication> and set True.
  2. Do you have any insight to improves in RBAC that might be in the pipeline
    • We understand Microsoft are working on this feature. Customers can consent Partners to do this today, but RBAC roles are coming to Teams Admin Center later this year.
  3. Is the ability to apply windows updates/peripheral updates via the TAC something that’s on the roadmap?
    • No Comment 🙂
  4. Is there a communication standard being considered for that health and status monitoring of peripherals?
    • All communications is done over USB, so no standard per-sa
  5. Do you know if MTR Premium is available for GCC customers?
    • Not for GCC High, not sure for GCC low.
  6. Using the Microsoft portals admin.* can be slow when used via a proxy. Seen good results with Edge/Credge
    • I’m a Microsoft Employee, I use a Mac as my personal computer, I’ve installed the new Edge Chromium and made that my default browser on my Mac, because it is that “good”
  7. I am piloting the ThinkSmart View and it showed up in my TAC as an IP Phone device.
    • That’s correct, they will show up as a “phone” right now
  8. How do you content share with those devices (Teams Personal Devices)? Do they connect to your PC somehow?
    • You need external joined device for sharing. New features coming as previewed in the teaser video.
  9. Does the Mercury Mini still use the same backplate with the PC, etc. as the larger ones? unclear from the website/docs.
    • Yes it does when it is sold as a Microsoft Teams Room. The Audio Only version is just the MM30.
  10. I have been attempting to test Coordinated Meetings with MTR + Hub but I did run into an issue with my Hub not joining. Seems to be related to my hub being in Public Preview win10Teams OS. Rebuilding my hub2s right now.
  11. To confirm these settings are from update?
    • Yes, coordinated meetings is from rolling out in the Microsoft Store now
  12. Do you recommend placing NUC (Tap unit) under conference room table rather than behind Front of Room Display to make Proximity Join work better?
    • We recommend placing the NUC in a location where users won’t “tinker” with it.
  13. Laptop sitting right next to the device I see the problem – thanks, will test with external dongle
    • I have tried an external USB dongle and used a 15ft extension cable so the Bluetooth is under the table rather behind the screen. Not all BT adapters are the same. It might be trial and error.

Episode Four – Tuesday 14th July 2020

Episode Four is done. Great turnout and thanks to Phil Clapham for staying up so late in Australia. See below for the slides.

For the troubleshooting overview that Luke Kannel from Logitech covered, his slides can be found below.

Episode Three – Tuesday 16th June 2020

Episode Three is now done. We had a great overview from Michael and Nate from Microsoft on Microsoft Teams networking, along with some great questions we discussed. You can find the slides with the answers to the questions below.

Episode Two – Tuesday 12th May 2020

Episode two is now done and dusted. Thanks all for joining. Hopefully everyone was getting the invites this time round. Again some great questions. Keep them coming for Episode Three next month. Slides from Episode Two are below.

Episode One – Wednesday 15th April 2020

So with Episode One, we sent out the invites to people but it seems some invites might have been caught up in spam filters from my testing tenant. Still investigating why that was. We’ll figure out another way for Episode Two. Below is the slide deck from Episode One. Many thanks for the excellent questions submitted for episode one, keep the coming for episode two.

Feedback form for Episode One is here.

MTRAMA – Episode One

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