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Welcome to the landing page of the MTDAMA. Previously known as MTRAMA, meaning Microsoft Teams Room Ask Me Anything, we’ve decided to evolve the session name to include other Microsoft Teams Devices as we discussed them all the time anyway.

Below we will host the slides used during the session along the Q&A submitted during each session.

The show is hosted by Jimmy Vaughan and myself and we invite anyone to contribute to the session. Michael Tressler also usually joins us too.

Feel free to ask any questions either directly to myself, Jimmy or via the Twitter hashtag #MTDAM

Episode Eighteen – 21st September 2021 – 5pm UK/12pm EST

We have a guest speaker in September, Tom Morgan, talking about Microsoft Teams Apps for Teams Panels.

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Episode Seventeen – 17th August 2021 – 5pm UK/12pm EST

Thanks to everyone that joined the session this month. Below are the slides we discussed.

Below are the Q&A from Episode Seventeen

Q. What was new in again?
A1. HDMI Audio and Teams Only mode for sign in’s. Sign in mode can be changed from Teams Admin Center
A2. Teams-only mode is huge but the big fix for us was the HDMI sound one
A3. Teams only was also great for customers who were missing room names on the console

Q. Will the Teams Panels adopt functionality in the future such as check in, end meeting early etc?
A. No idea, but it has been discussed by the Microsoft Product Group that this sort of functionality will come.

Q. Each standalone panel will require MTR standard or premium licencing?
A1. But it doesn’t necessarily need a dedicated license. You can share the license with the MTR in the room and/or with other panels supporting the same room.
A2. Technically the device signs into Microsoft Teams. You might be able to build your licensing around that.

Q. Yes but customers I have been speaking to don’t want to pay the licence for a panel for a space without an MTR.
A1. Yup. Assume you have a room with an MTR that has 2 doors to it. You add 2 Panels to the doors to the conference room. Those panels sign in with the exact same account as the MTR. As such, no license is assigned specifically to the Panels.
A2. For a customer without any scheduling that’s valid. But don’t forget that there are lots of customers that already pay for third party scheduling services (Condeco, etc).

Q. Massive props to Michael Tressler  for the Android and CA video, great stuff

Q. How many devices can be connected to meeting for room remote?
A1. As many as you like.
A2. There’s no such thing as too many mute buttons
A3. We have boardrooms where the TAP is near where the CEO likes to sit but he doesn’t want to be running the room. The remote feature will be great for letting a PA sit to one side and drive the room.
A4. FYI you can turn off room remote control using the touch panel ; per meeting; in case users misuse it.

Q. Common Area vs Meeting Room Devices

Q. Blocking Address Book Lookups?
A1. Disable the Search Function
A2. Use Address Book Policies –
A3. Use Information Barries if you have an E5 license assigned.

Q. Next In the Room event

Q. Using Room Finder with Outlook? How

Q. What is the difference between the Room vs Equipment mailboxes?
A. I think the major difference between room vs equipment is the attributes; room mailbox has a location attribute which equipment mailbox doesn’t have

Q. Is it on the roadmap to be able to default your view when you join a Teams Meeting from a single screen room (gallery view, combined view, presentation only?)
A1. I’m not specifically sure on that but I know it’s a much-requested feature. There is a lot of work being done on better utilizing the displays, so I’d be surprised if this doesn’t appear in a future update.
A2. I think with the updated Front of Room Layouts, this will change

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