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Polycom Touch Control – Auto update


If you have the PTC enabled to automatically download and install latest software, it will auto update to the latest 1.5.0 version that was released on 3/30. You must also upgrade the HDX to the latest version of software – 3.0.4.

If the PTC and HDX are not on the same release of software, they will not pair.


  • HDX 3.0.5 – PTC 1.5.0
  • HDX 3.0.4 – PTC 1.4.0
  • HDX 3.0.2 – PTC 1.2.0
  • HDX 3.0.3 – PTC 1.3.0
  • HDX 3.0.1 – PTC 1.1.0
  • HDX 3.0 – PTC 1.0


  1. Upgrade HDX software to the compatible version.


  1. Downgrade PTC to the correct version of PTC compatible to version on HDX. PLEASE NOTE: If the downgrade fails, restore the PTC to factory default, and then proceed with the correct software version installation.
  2. Make the following setting change: Administration -> Updates -> Action for Available Software Updates -> Updates Status Only

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