Missing Room Name

Missing Room Name in MTR App

Last Updated on May 28, 2021 by GrahamWalsh

With the release of the latest Microsoft Teams Room App, Microsoft made some changes to how the app talks to different services. The main one in this release relates to Skype for Business. A summary can be found here. However, there have been reports of missing room name on the MTR console.

So, what has changed? Well Microsoft are slowing removing the dependencies on Skype for Business as they are shutting down Skype for Business Online in July 2021. One of the changes in the latest app is that it removes any sign in errors for Skype for Business as I discussed in the summary here.

One of the other changes here is that the account is no longer using the meeting room name from the Skype for Business sign-in. Microsoft has moved this to Exchange now. If you use a standard user account with an MTR this is what happens. You can also see it cannot fetch a calendar. This is not an issue if you are using a Resource Mailbox.

MTR with a user account only

Here are the details of the account that is signed in.

Signed in account on MTR

You can see here the account does not have an Exchange account which is the reason it cannot fetch the calendar.

Microsoft 365 admin center – No Exchange License

But the account has a Microsoft Teams license, hence it could sign in.

Microsoft 365 admin center – Teams License

Once you assign an Exchange account to the user account, then all is good.

MTR Signed In with calendar

If you assign a Meeting Room Account (which is a resource mailbox too) then all should be fine. The name is no longer pulled from the Skype for Business side of things which would have been the Display Name when you looked at csmeetingroom from the Skype for Business PowerShell.

Microsoft also rolled out an update app version, to allow the name to be shown if the Resource Account is hidden from the Global Address List.

Any questions, let me know below.

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