Microsoft Teams Room – HDMI Audio Low Volume

Last Updated on June 11, 2021 by GrahamWalsh

In the latest build of Windows for Microsoft Teams Room, a change was made which is affecting the HDMI Audio. It is making the call volume exceptionally low. This can be easily fixed if this is something you are experiencing.

However, Microsoft have published this under Known Issues on their site without a fix as it appears that they have removed the HDMI Audio option away from the User Interface. However, it is still in the Teams Admin Center where you can enable/disable HDMI Audio. This change will be complied into the next build of Microsoft Teams Room on Windows, 4.9.x, so you may not have to apply this change.

To fix the issue

You need to log into the Windows desktop side of things and run the below commands to set the Audio Ducking Preference to Do Nothing. In the video below I show you the GUI way of doing it, but would recommend the script way, as that will ensure the setting is applied for the Skype User account.

reg load HKLM\Skype C:\Users\Skype\NTUSER.DAT
reg add HKLM\Skype\Software\Microsoft\Multimedia\Audio /v UserDuckingPreference /t REG_DWORD /d 3
reg unload HKLM\Skype

Here is a video overview of the process

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