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Microsoft Teams Room Devices Roadmap Watch


Last Updated on January 6, 2021 by GrahamWalsh

As we enter the start of 2021, I thought I’d do a roundup of the Microsoft Teams Room Devices Roadmap for both Windows and Android devices. The public roadmap is available here and that is what I can only discuss on this blog.

There were many features planned for 2020, some slipped due to assorted reasons. I’ll summarise the ones that were originally published and the new date in this table.

FeatureOriginal DateNew Date
Dual Screen on AndroidDecember 2020December did see a roll out, but roadmap is showing January 2021
1080p Outgoing Resolution on AndroidDecember 2020January 2021
Centre of Room Console for AndroidDecember 2020February 2021
Wired HDMI Ingest for AndroidFebruary 2021March 2021
Personal Mode for AndroidFebruary 2021February 2021 – Still on track
Room Remote for WindowsDecember 2020January 2021
Room Remote for AndroidDecember 2020March 2021
Cortana Voice Assistant for Android and WindowsDecember 2020January 2021 – This was released as a preview for Windows in in December with Logitech Rally microphones only. US only
Meeting Room Capacity Notifications for Android and WindowsDecember 2020January 2021. Information from the MTR Premium team provide information that it will be available with devices running a Logitech Meetup camera first and then the Huddly IQ camera. Others to follow.
IP Based Audio/Video support for WindowsMarch 2021March 2021 – Still on track
Large Gallery and Together Mode for WindowsDecember 2020January 2021
Large Gallery and Together Mode for AndroidDecember 2020February 2021
Teams Casting for WindowsDecember 2020January 2021
Teams Casting for AndroidDecember 2020February 2021
Breakout Rooms on AndroidDecember 2020March 2021
Whiteboard on MTRsJanuary 2021January 2021
Manage Teams Displays in TACJanuary 2021Rolled out already in GA
Microsoft Teams PanelsMarch 2021March 2021 – Still on track
Publish Roadmap for MTRs

Along with the above committed list, there are announcements from the Microsoft Tech Community, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course the MTRAMA sessions, so let’s call this the unofficial list of features that should be coming to MTRs.

FeatureEstimated Time Frame
Multiple Camera Support on WindowsH1 2021
Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Support for Cameras on Windows2021 (Can be done with Crestron and Yealink MTRs today)
Viewing/Controlling Files on MTR from OneDrive or meeting invite (same as Surface Hub)No time frame in 2021
Proximity Join for MacOSNo time frame in 2021
Enlarged Self ViewNo time frame in 2021
Control sync’ing of Content sources (e.g in room PCs connected) to MTRs on WindowsNo time frame in 2021
Test Call Feature (same as desktop)No time frame in 2021
Updated Management features in TAC and MEMNo time frame in 2021
MTR Premium support for AndroidNo time frame in 2021
MTR Premium support for Surface HubNo time frame in 2021
Different layouts on Front of RoomNo time frame in 2021
Other features that will appear

So, all the above is based on software developments, but then there are the hardware developments too from the vendors. Below is a list of know releases forthcoming.

Vendor ProductTime Frame for Release
Yealink Teams DisplayNothing confirmed
EPOS Smart Speaker/MicNothing confirmed
Yealink Smart Speaker/MicNothing confirmed
Crestron UC-P8 Teams PhoneQ1 2021
Dell Teams Monitors with built in Cam/MicFebruary 2021
Crestron Teams Scheduling DisplaysMarch 2021
Yealink Teams Scheduling DisplaysNothing confirmed
Audiocodes MTR on AndroidQ1 2021
Poly G7500 Certified for Teams (Android)Q1/Q2 2021
Future Hardware Releases

That is all for now, I’ll keep this page updated as much as possible.

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