Microsoft Teams Room – Version Updates


Last Updated on July 1, 2020 by GrahamWalsh

Microsoft pushed out the latest update for the Microsoft Teams Room Systems with a few nice updates and a welcomed return to the home screen for room controls. The releases are detailed here. The highlights are as follows:

  • Auto-answer proximity-based calls and admin setting to control this
  • Device Admin Settings UI refresh with the addition of device configuration under About tab
  • Room control back to the main screen
  • Meeting Room SKU available in GCC
  • Content camera support for Surface Pro-based system (Minimum required app build:

So what do all these mean? Well, the auto-answer is quite a neat feature, means when you invite the room with your Microsoft Teams desktop client, it will automatically join the call as it is trusted and you are in the room. When I tested this feature, it wasn’t working yet. I need to do some more testing on this but it’s a cool feature. One less click to join the room for your meeting.

The device admin user interfaces have changed. See the gallery below for an over.

Room Control is back on the home screen so it’s easier to get to these controls when needed. This is in the bottom right-hand side.

Well, what could be hidden behind the room controls? We if you had Crestron AirMedia connected to the system, then you have access to this much quicker.

Finally, the Content Camera is available for the earlier systems of SRSv2 such as the Logitech SmartDock Surface Pro-based systems. Remember this is still in preview even on the newer systems such as Crestron Flex devices.

I’ve also recorded a video overview/walkthrough comparing it to the outdated version below.

Any comments, let me know.



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