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Factory Restore a Microsoft Teams Room System


Last Updated on February 11, 2020 by GrahamWalsh

Maybe you’ve tested installing something on the Microsoft Teams Room system and need to perform a factory restore. Or maybe you want to clean it up or return the unit to an Out of Box Experience (OOBE) if you’ve had a unit on loan and want to remove all history etc. Thankfully it is quite a simple task. It takes approximately 2 hours. Microsoft’s official guide is here.

A quick way to reset

When you are in the Microsoft Teams Room config page, there is also a Reset Device in the bottom left too. This is another way to reset the device too which clears out the cache, credentials and brings you back to the OOBE.

You will need to download and extract the MTR image to a network share or USB drive and place it into the MTR PC.

Step One – Log into the Admin Side

MTR Home Screen
Select More from the Home Screen
Open MTR Settings
Enter MTR Password
Enter MTR Password. Default is sfb
MTR Windows Settings
Tap Windows Settings and then Go to Admin Sign-in
Windows Admin Sign-in
Enter the Administrator password. Default is sfb

Step Two – Factory Restore the Microsoft Teams Room System via Windows

Windows Settings
Tap the Windows Icon, then the Settings Cog, and then Update & Security
Windows Recovery Options
Tap Recovery from the left-hand side and select Get Started
Reset Options
Now select Remove everything
Reset options
Now select Next to confirm reset
Ready to Reset
Finally, hit the Reset button
Resetting in progress

Step Three – Windows Setup

Now you will just see a Windows login screen with Preparing Windows. In the background, it is running all the PowerShell provisioning scripts to build the MTR.

Step Four – Enter the Microsoft Meeting Room Credentials

You will now be on the home screen to accept the license agreement and you can now run the wizard to complete the sign-in of your Microsoft Teams Room system.

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HT from Brandon Roy below. Note this is applicable if you are building your own image as per the guide here.

Pro TIP! If you are using a flash drive. Do not use a USB 3.1 Instead use 3.0 or 2.0. The MTR’s can not read 3.1. Found this out the hard way…

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