macOS 10.12 – Sierra and OneDrive

If you have upgraded to Beta 1 of the new OS and you use OneDrive, you might stumble across an issue I did.  I was unable to sign in.  Turns out I needed to remove the OneDrive cached credential from the Mac Key Chain Access.  Just open up Keychain Access (Mac Key+Space) and type in Keychain and open the app.  Then search for one in the top right corner and right click on the OneDrive line and delete.  Then re-open your OneDrive client and sign in it, all should be good.


I also had an issue with Icloud sign in, but have settled for signing in via iMessage app and that appears to be ok for now.  I then found an answer on Macrumours

  • Launch “Keychain Access” via spotlight search
  • Ensure “login” is selected in the left pane under “Keychains”
  • In the “Keychain Access” menu, select “Properties”
  • Click “Reset my Default Keychain”, and follow what it asks you to do to confirm.
  • Reboot and then try iCloud again. However, I did not need to reboot.

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  • Graham, did OneDrive keep working after a reboot? I followed the steps above, but after rebooting OneDrive failed to sign in with the same issue. So, after ever reboot I would be forced to cached credentials and login to get it working again.

    • Hi Ben, just realised OneDrive was shut down, just opened it up and signed back n fine. Hey, we are playing with Beta’s so it wouldn’t be a beta with some hiccups 🙂

      • Exactly! And thanks for the info, I’ll have to play around with it a bit more and see if I can figure out why mine errors after a reboot. Thanks again for the info!

      • Figured it out, for me I had to take the steps to fix iCloud as well

        • Good to know, I bet this will come round with the next beta too I suspect.

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  • Micah Bucy

    OneDrive instant crashes for me. Bummer. Tried a clean install of it too.

  • iRikal

    Onedrive for enterprise still refuses to login

    • Onedrive for business started working for me with the Developer Beta 5 update.

  • Jose M. Sanchez

    Since installed beta 1 OneDrive is not even starting/opening. Tried removing Key Chain credentials, but it continues the same way.

    • Did you try resetting the default keychain too? I actually had to do that was well as remove the Key Chain credentials before I could get it working on my machine.

      • Jose M. Sanchez

        I removed Key Chain credential for OneDrive and rebooted, but nothing.

        • I had to do this
          Launch “Keychain Access” via spotlight search
          Ensure “login” is selected in the left pane under “Keychains”
          In the “Keychain Access” menu, select “Properties”
          Click “Reset my Default Keychain”, and follow what it asks you to do to confirm.
          Reboot and then try iCloud again. However, I did not need to reboot.

          and remove the key chain credential

          then reboot

          • Jose M. Sanchez

            iCloud is not a problem for me, it is only MS OneDrive.

          • it wasn’t an issue for me either, just OneDrive. But I actually had to reset my keychain to get OneDrive to work.

          • Jose M. Sanchez

            Thanks, but no way!!!

  • Ryan Giles

    You sir are a rockstar!

  • Christophe Pochon

    Thank you !

  • Michael Shingledecker

    Based on the date of this article the install was Developer Beta 1. Any updates on compatibility with the latest DP release and/or the Public Beta release?

    • I upgraded to DP 2 when it came out and OneDrive continued to work fine for me. That being said, I had already done everything to fix in in DP 1. So, If you’re doing an upgraded to macOS Sierra DP2 from El Capitan, I have no idea what the experience will be. Eric and Jose (above) both seem to be having issues, so based on the time of their posts, there may be a possibility that the fix above doesn’t work on DP 2?

      • srini

        not working with public beta 3 as well! reinstalled onedrive – no success!

  • Eric Saltsman

    I just started using the public beta release of Sierra and my OneDrive acts completely dead. The program won’t open (thus won’t sync) or respond, even after attempting the steps in this article and comments section. Has anyone else had similar issues with the public beta release and came across a resolution?

  • José Manuel Catarino Barbosa

    I have same problem with OneDrive. This is dead. 🙁

  • SG

    I have exactly the same problem. For now I have gone to using the web version of OneDrive. Any thoughts/ideas to try? I am on (16A238m) release.

  • Ben Johnson

    Same problem with OneDrive not even opening in Public Beta 2. Followed all of the steps above and even deleted and reinstalled with no success. I reached out to Microsoft and their response was that OneDrive is not supported in MacOS Sierra Beta versions. I remember having the same problem last year with Box on El Capitan Beta.

  • Jose M. Sanchez

    Problems continue with beta 3.

  • TurboPGT

    macOS 10.12 beta 7 here…OneDrive does not sync. I’ve fully uninstalled and reinstalled and reconnected my account. It does NOT sync any local changes to the server. Finder extension obviously doesn’t work either because no green check. Poor poor poor product.

    • I just installed Dev beta 7 as well and everything si working fine for me. I was able to sync files back up to the cloud (both OneDrive and OneDrive for Business) as well as have green check boxes within Finder…so, not problems for me on beta 7

      • TurboPGT

        Interesting, I have no such luck.

    • Which product? The production version of OneDrive that works on production software or the beta software macOS that comes with no guarantees? I’m hoping OneDrive will work soon but I’m not relying on it when beta testing.

      BTW – it doesn’t work for me

  • TurboPGT

    Upon doing a clean install of OneDrive, I can sign in, it links up with my account. It creates the folder and downloads everything from the server. However, the Finder integration is not working (no green checks) and it does not sync any local changes made.

  • Mauricio Coutinho

    I am in 10.12.3 and OneDrive still misbehaves . What a load of c**p. I am stuck on “Signing in” after having to manually remove the software and install a new version from the AppStore after the system upgrade. A mess no less Microsoft.

  • JZ

    Hi, I have the same problem. Running Sierra and OneDrive 17.3.6798 (0207) and also can’t get pass the password prompt. Any ideas, it’s quite frustrated. MS Support also useless. Please let me know. Thx

    • I’m running the same version and no issues Mac OS 10.12.4 has been working fine. Maybe completely remove and install again from the App store?